• Image of SLAGMAUR (NOR) "The Three Protocols of Fosen"
  • Image of SLAGMAUR (NOR) "The Three Protocols of Fosen"

Worship Tapes / Cloven Hoof Brewing & Releasing 2017

3-tape wooden boxset

Mysterious circus of horror SLAGMAUR was formed in the remote reaches of North Western Norway, in 2006.
The Fosen circus of horror guided by General Gribbsphiiser combines influences from horror movies, WWII history,
local scary tales and folklore and creates their own unique world with haunting sonic soundscape.
Classically constructed eerie melodies blend seamlessly with evil black metal riffing
and modern jazz and classical music infusions to create a complex, atmospheric and unparalleled musical nightmare.

The Three Protocols of Fosen are three demo tapes originally released between 2006 and 2007.
We are now proud to present you these LEGENDARY DEMOS with revised artwork crafted by the masterful Dávid Glomba with references to the original art.
As a bonus, thanks to good people at Neseblod records we were able to locate a copy of Helvette rehearsal tape and we have it as a bonus on the B side of the first protocol !!!

The story of this impossible to find tape follows:
more than 10 years ago, before self releasing the three protocols, SLAGMAUR recorded a rehearsal tape titled Helvette
that was supposed to be released by a Nidrosian label
(operated by Nosophoros)
while General Gribbsphiiser was on a ‘state sponsored holiday’.
The label never came into existence, the band dubbed a couple of copies and distributed them locally.
The tape is a sought after rarity.

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