• Image of KATAVASIS (GRE) "Sacrilegius Testament"

Floga Records 2015

KATAVASIA is a unique Greek alliance including members of well known occult act Varathron, prog blacksters Aenaon, gloomy doomsters Agnes Vein & psychedelic masters Hail Spirit Noir. Katavasia's sound is based in original 90s Greek Black Metal.

"Sacrilegious Testament" is also supported by important guest musicians of the Hellenic Scene (Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh & Thou Art Lord).

Necroabyssious - vocals (Varathron)
Astrous - guitars (Aenaon)
Achilleas c. - guitars & bass (Varathron / Aenaon)
Haris - synths (Hail Spirit Noir / Transcending Bizarre?)
Foivos - drums (Agnes Vein)

Cover Painting by Agostino Arrivabene