• Image of IDLE HANDS (USA) "Don't Waste Your Time"

Aderlass Kunstverlag 2018

Pro-tape edition
Limited to 150 copies

Heavy Metal/Gothic Rock from the states

Idle Hands may have only officially formed last fall, but with ex-Spellcaster bassist Gabriel Franco at the helm alongside several of his previous bandmates you wouldn’t be able to guess it due to the quality of their debut EP Don’t Waste Your Time. Where Franco’s previous band emphasized a considerable amount of 80’s speed and heavy metal, Idle Hands heads in a surprisingly different direction. There’s still plenty of 80’s heavy metal influence to be found, but the darker melodies and pacing of the songs give off just as much of a gothic rock and straight up hard rock feel. It flies by quickly at just under twenty minutes, but the quality of the writing warrant repeat spins and make this one of the more promising newcomers in recent memory