• Image of BLACK WITCHERY (USA) "Live Desecration 2012"

Shadow Kingdom Records 2018

Professionally manufactured black chrome cassettes with blood red ink on the shells. Under license from NWN! Productions.

Chaotic and Brutal Black/Death live onstage, recorded April 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia... one of the late Tregenda's last shows with the band immortalized on pro tape featuring artwork by C Moyen as well As Asian Moyen worshipper Sickness666... Recorded by long time supporter and comrade, Mike Meacham and professionally mastered by DM (ex- Amputator/Vivisektion). Over 37 minutes of non stop death hammering by Vaz, Thunderous and engulfing six string massacre by Tregenda (R.I.P.), with riffs that cut through the listeners' brain like chainsaw of diabolic hatred and razor like scathing war commands that Impurath is known for are ever present in full possessed madness with no mercy and utter rage. Tracks from all the band's releases are presented here in unhinged fury...